BildSo 使用说明(User Guide)


It's very simple to use BuildSo.  Just need 5 steps. See Pic1.

1st step:  Choose the director which contains chromatix files(including .mk, .c, .h). The director is copyed from the platform source code directly. See Pic2.

                                                          Pic 2


2nd step:  By pass as Buildso can choose the correct version of the chromatix files automatically. The version is including 0301, 0302, 0304, 0308, 0309 and 0310. 


3rd step:  Choose the type of files to build, preview, snapshot, common….


4th step:  Press the “编译” button to build the files you choose at 3rd step.


5th step:  After 4th step, there will be a "out" director in current director, and the .so files is created too. Press the "Push" button to push the .so files to your phone.

By the way, before the pushing, you must be sure the phone is connected with the computer, and log on as root.


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